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  • We provide direct manufacturing, casting, custom design and engineering of titanium, stainless aluminum and other common metals, as well as rare earth elements — direct from Asia to the USA.

  • Titanium has been used in new alloys and production techniques to meet ever tighter standards for high-temperature performance, creep resistance, strength and metallurgical structure.

  • Precision Titanium Products Inc. houses domestic manufacturing facilities for our customers who require US Fabrications. Learn more »

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Welcome to Precision Titanium Products

Asia’s leading provider of titanium, steel and aluminum casting services.

Welcome to Precision Titanium Products! We represent the most diverse, experienced manufacturers in Asia who have been in the business for 58 years, offering you the utmost competitive advantages in today’s global market.

Our factories do direct manufacturing, casting and custom design engineering of titanium, stainless, aluminum and other common or rare earth element products.

Further, we are Asia’s largest and leading frontier on casting of titanium, steel and aluminum.

Our factory has full certifications and has produced innovative products together with Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney and GE—amongst many others who demand top quality certification and performance.

Precision Titanium Products is a USA company that represents our overseas factory. We are centrally located In Los Angeles California to handle all marketing and sales for Europe, USA, Asia, Canada and South America. As such, we are responsible and dedicated to providing personalized quality service to all of our customers.

Because of our experiential history in the titanium and metal alloy industry, our factories produce and deliver with utmost competence. Our volume of business product enables us to bring the most competitive prices on the market direct to you.

Our Quality Guarantee

We work together with the factory directly, straight from our USA office. Our team of competent engineers and quality control capabilities ensures your product is delivered with a 100% satisfaction and pass or your money will be refunded 100%. That’s how important we feel it is to service our customers and provide them with exactly what they need and want – whether it’s run-of-the-mill materials or custom-designed manufacturing services.

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