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Titanium Castings


Custom Titanium Castings

We manufacture all grades of titanium alloys: Alpha alloys, Near Alpha alloys, Alpha and Beta alloys, Beta alloys.

We are currently engaged in producing High Strength alloys Titanium 6-2-4-6 for the Oil and Gas Industry, Grade 5 titanium complex castings and CP titanium castings.

If you have any desire to cast your products or want to take your new innovative titanium product to the market, let us make it for you. We are at the forefront of ability in casting titanium products and have been engaged in commercial projects with aerospace-grade castings. We are able to take your custom needs as well as low-volume projects and produce them.

We have the metallurgical, engineering as well as sheer building and equipment capacity to take your project to a done. Our state-of-the-art casting equipment means precision castings every time.

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We are currently engaged in manufacturing titanium musical instruments, titanium compressor wheels for turbochargers, titanium motorcycle equipment, titanium aerospace parts, titanium bicycle parts, titanium castings for the oil and gas industry and much more.

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